BSM Statement regarding the MT Kokuka Courageous

BSM Ship Management (Singapore) has launched a full-scale emergency response following a security incident on board our managed products carrier the Kokuka Courageous in the Gulf of Oman earlier today (June 13, 2019).

The 21 crew of the vessel abandoned ship after the incident on board which resulted in damage to the ship’s hull starboard side.

The master and crew abandoned ship and were quickly rescued from a lifeboat by the vessel Coastal Ace, a nearby vessel.

One crew man from the Kokuka Courageous was slightly injured in the incident and is receiving first aid on board the Coastal Ace.

The Kokuka Courageous remains in the area and is not in any danger of sinking. The cargo of methanol is intact.

BSM’s top priority is the wellbeing of the 21 crew on board our managed vessel. The Coastal Ace is in the vicinity at a safe distance from the Kokuka Courageous.

The vessel is about 70 nautical miles from Fujairah and about 14 nautical miles from the coast of Iran.

The Coastal Ace is now awaiting instructions from the UK Marine Trade Operations which is responding to the incident.

BSM Ship Management is monitoring the situation in the Gulf of Oman closely and will issue another statement when we have factual information.

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