One of the world’s first digital registers of shipping is on its way

By 2020, Denmark will have a digital register of shipping that will lower costs for business communities and provide easier access to data.

​The Danish Maritime Authority will now start developing the new digital Danish Register of Shipping. This specifically means that future reporting and registration of ships will occur digitally. Furthermore, it will be easier and faster to access data.

Deputy Director General, CPO, Charlotte Ahrendt Steen:

„As one of the first in the world, we are making the move to digital registration with our new register of shipping, which we are now starting to develop. This will definitely reduce the administrative burden for those companies that have their ships registered under the Danish flag. As an extension of our transition to digital ship and seafarer certificates this is another contribution from the Danish Maritime Authority to a digitalised maritime sector“. 

This is how registration occurs today

Today’s ship registration includes extensive processes for the industry and is economically heavy for the shipping companies. Original legal documents with records of the ship’s ownership and value need to be circulated – often with a courier beyond countries’ borders or through face-to-face meetings. 

Time schedule

The new Danish Register of Shipping is expected to be in service by the end of 2020.

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